Short gun stories

Same street as the last story, but I was alone and driving the other way. I saw a kid walking on the north sidewalk and his right pants pocket was hanging lower than the left and I could see the outline of an automatic handgun in his pocket. I pulled up behind him and yelled for him to stop. When he turned, I saw the look on his face and i knew he ahd a gun in his pocket. I had him put his hands on the hood and I took the gun out of his pocket. It was not loaded and told me he was taking it back to its owner. He gave me the owners name and I ran the gun on my car computer. He told me the truth. I put him in my car and we drove to her home. I gave her back the gun and I let him go.

Working 2nd watch in North Park in the late 90’s with a female partner. We had stopped at a 7/11 so she could use the bathroom. I was sitting in our car when I saw a guy walk into the store. His shirt was tucked into his pants, but I saw the bulge of a small revolver on the right side of his back. I got out of my car and waited for him to exit the store. He walked out and turned to throw away a wrapper. I said to him:”You know, that looks like a gun under your shirt”. He put his hands up and said that he was a federal officer. He showed me his id  and he told me that no one ahd ever noticed that gun before, even his co-workers. Cops see things that other people don’t.

Working graves in SE mid 90’s. I have a friend of mine on a ride-a-long. We are driving past a local bar when I see people throwing dice in the parking lot, which is Illegal. I stop and they break up. A few go into the bar and I get the other three stopped. I have him put their hands on my hood and I start doing pat down’s for weapons. I ask the first guy if he had any weapons and he turned and said in a soft voice that he had a “nine” in the middle of his back. His shirt was tucked in and there was a loaded 9MM automatic under the shirt. I cuffed him and put him in my car after taking his gun. The gun belonged to him. He ahd no criminal record and he told me he carried it when he went to the clubs for protection. He was in violation of two penal code sections, both misdeameanors. I wrote him a ticket to appear in court and let him go, but I did impound his gun.

Working SE 2nd watch with a trainee in the mid 80’s. We saw a guy walking down the street holding a 38 in his right hand. The reciever was open and he was holding it by the “top strap” The gun was empty and he said he was returning it to a friend. We drove him to his friends home, gave him the gun, and then drove the guy home. It was legal for him to have it in the open and un-loaded. He knew if he carried it concealed he could have been arrested. He was not.

SE 3rd watch, early 90’s working with a trainee. We get a call from someone who had been talking with a depressed friend on the phone. She heard a gun shot and the line went dead. We got to the home and all the lights were on. We walked around the outside looking in the windows until we saw him. He was lying on the living room floor with a gun in his hand. I could not see any wounds. I had my trainee watch him and I went inside with two other cops. I walked up and put my boot on his gun hand. I took the gun away from him and he later went to a mental hospitial.


One thought on “Short gun stories

  1. Hey Gary! It was good to see you again…and I love your blog!! Keep up the good work….I should tell myself that too…all I have done is make tons of notes, gather lots of articles and pics, written about 20 pages and procrastinated!!

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